Are you ready to discover a bass guitar amplification system BUILT TO LAST?

Boutique cabinets, amplifiers and accessories
for the bass guitar, proudly handcrafted in Italy.








Bass guitar amplification

Trespass Audio is about boutique cabinets, amplifiers and accessories for the bass guitar, proudly handcrafted in Italy.

We think and build our equipment because we want it to remain in your rig forever, ready to perfectly accompany you in any musical context. They have been designed and created to always support – in “high-fidelity” mode – your expressive potential in the lower octaves, no matter the direction it moves.

 The ultimate tone tool

for the bass guitar


You won’t want another rig because you already have another rig: just select one of the TONE WIZARD option and you will have the impression of finding yourself in a completely different sound universe. That’s why we are sure you’ll end up loving our creations: we tailor them for you and they will be your four-season suit.

Authentic craftsmanship


“The machine makes many identical pieces, the different one is discarded, the craftsman makes a few different pieces and each one has its own story.”
This simple statement says it all: craftsmanship is an indispensable attitude, a cornerstone of Trespass Audio’s own identity: we have the ambition to create equipment with a soul and we strongly believe that only an intimate – direct – relationship between creator and creature allows this will to be satisfied.

Designed, handmade

and handwired in Italy


Passion drives us to scrupulously design our equipment and we know very well (it is the most important teaching of artisan knowledge) how much every neglected detail has a direct influence on the final result: we would feel it
and we don’t want you to feel it too!

Think about our Flexy collection: its extreme TONE WIZARD circuitry allows for a variety of tone configurations, but it can be implemented only thanks to a crazy amount of hand wiring and point to point hand soldering operations. It’s a no compromise assembly process, in which the added value of the most authentic craftsmanship is perfectly expressed.

Customizable by you!


The artisan attitude is also about a closer relation with the customer, who becomes directly involved in the final creation: like every good craftsman, we want the outcome (your rig) to perfectly reflect your style under every point of view!


Built to last.