Configuration costs: -

• 1200 Watt AES – 2400 Watt Program power
• 38 Hz – 18 kHz
• 102 dB 1m 1W
• TONE WIZARD technology
• 36,5 – 38,5 Kg / 80 – 85 lbs


The 410 FLEXY is the flagship of the Trespass Audio cabinet catalogue and thanks to the package of 4 in house designed 10″ neo magnet speaker – the TAS 2510 – it is capable to deliver thunderous dynamics, wide frequency response and tons of SPL still in a portable package, representing a virtually limitless solution for medium to large venues.

The Tone Wizard

The TONE WIZARD is about 4 different selectable voicing and it is also involving a speaker DAMP circuitry, which can be activated anytime by the end user.

VINTAGE: This “voice” is sending the amplified signal directly to the speakers, with no x-over network in between, while having the tweeter completely disconnected. The resulting sound is fat, with a big midrange presence that rolls off nicely while moving up to the top end: it is the perfect choice for an upright bass equipped with piezo pickup or anytime an authentic old-school vibe is required.

MODERN: It engages a crossover network designed to be absolutely respectful of the speakers’ natural tone while connecting the tweeter: a full-bodied bottom end that keeps most of the natural midrange bite while extending the frequency range to the top end.
A tone great for almost every situation.

SCOOPED: as the word suggest, it is about activating a different x-over network designed to cut some midrange presence, while enhancing the low end and extending the horn tweeter contribution (the classic “smiling face” frequency response). The result is a sound which demonstrated itself being an excellent set up for modern funk and for metal music.

PROFILER: it is about an even further x-over network which manage to set the frequency response perfectly flat for an absolutely neutral sound: as a matter of fact, the lack of character provided by this setting is turning the FLEXY cab into a stage monitor, which is perfect for using it within a rig involving any sort of digital profiling.

The DAMP circuit is available with each of those voices and allows for tighten the bottom end by electrically damping the speakers’ excursion at the lowest frequencies. A tool for take you out of troubles whenever you end up in a “boomy” venue but you’re not keen to mess with your amplifier’s tone controls. Of course, you can engage it also if you’re just looking for a tone being very close to the one of a sealed enclosure: it is great used in conjunction with the VINTAGE voice.


The FLEXY collection is equipped with the in house designed Trespass Audio bass guitar neodymium magnet speakers: they come in 10”, 12” and 15” size and their main features are a perfectly ventilated – compression free – basket design with a neodymium magnet circuit featuring a 2,5” voice coil with a copper demodulation ring. All moving parts are Made in USA. Each model can handle 300 Watt AES/600 Watt Program power. They are also available separately. Our speakers are coupled with the outstanding high power SICA 1.7” neo magnet compression driver, loaded with a constant directivity horn: every nuance of your playing will be highlighted also in terms of harmonic content.

The FLEXY collection is not “only” the Trespass Audio flagship cabinet collection, but it is also the perfect representation of the brand’s vision, simply because it is the “dream” that started it all: a bass guitar cabinet being able to perfectly adapt to any playing style and to any possible tone need. The goal was to do so in a strictly analogue fashion, by using a fully passive circuitry. We ended up addressing the classic bass cabinet designs – those based on the 10”, the 12” and the 15” speakers – in a strictly audiophile approach: sound transparency, clarity and articulation were required to be nothing less than outstanding.
From the cabinet itself – a “Para-Onken” load design featuring a hybrid combination of Baltic birch/lightweight plywood with a well calibrated internal bracing structure – up to the TONE WIZARD – a complex multi x-over circuit design implemented with audiophile grade components, everything about the Flexy cabinets has been arranged for the best performance in a still portable – decently weighted – package.