Who is

Trespass Audio?


Trespass Audio was born from an idea by Paolo Tezzon. He established a career as a designer of electronic and electro-acoustic systems for home sound reproduction. He has achieved numerous international awards in the “hi-end” audiophile market. The skills acquired met with the great passion for the electric bass, giving life to Trespass Audio.

Paolo brings to Trespass Audio the quest for the “absolute transparency”, typical of the audiophile world, here declined as total respect for the sound character of each electric bass or double bass, as well as your style as a musician.

Audiophile attitude,

deep love

for the bass guitar


Objective achieved – in particular – thanks to the TONE WIZARD system: it is equipping all Trespass Audio cabinets and amplifiers, allowing you to select different sound configurations. The FLEXY cabinet collection allows also to manage the physical excursion of the speakers. The need of any kind of tone is satisfied! All the components used in the circuitry are “audiophile grade”.

Authentic craftsmanship:

Angelo’s history


At Trespass Audio we believe that craftmanship is extremely relevant – for our territory and our nation as well – both from the economic and the cultural point of view. That’s why we are delighted to share with you the story of Angelo Dissegna, the master leather craftsman taking care of our cabinets tolex covering.

The highest quality standards


We select components and materials according to very rigorous quality standards. For example, we want switches, selectors and connectors to be the best available in the market, ready to withstand endless performances and all the changes of sound register you’ll be in need of – from time to time – to express your bass playing.

The meaning of “Trespass” Audio


The meaning of the “trespassing” verb refers to “the act of entering someone else’s land – or property – without permission”: it is a metaphorical reference to a professional journey which “trespasses” into the world of pro audio after twenty years of history in the high-end electro-acoustic for home environments. This inevitably means carrying on an audiophile attitude.
The deepest meaning of the Trespass Audio brand is actually much broader: supporting the desire to cross the fences – mental and cultural – which, sometimes, make all of us prisoners of ourselves while providing the bass players community with amplification systems that exude that same attitude.

Handmade for Your passion