TAS 2510


• 300 Watt AES /600 W “program” power
• 96 dB Sensitivity
• Frequency range 45-3000 Hz
• Ventilated magnet and voice coil to reduce power compression
• Neodymium magnet circuit with Copper demodulating ring
• 2.5” voice coil kapton former and aluminum winding
• Paper cone and cloth surround Made in USA


The Bass Speaker project

Right from the start the Trespass Audio concept has been conceived including the ambition of designing our own 10”, 12” and 15” bass guitar speaker units: a challenging target which turned into a huge project in itself: it took life working closely and being fully supported by the “Sica Loudspeaker” R&D team.

Development tools

We started setting a very defined set of features – together with some measurable design goals – but we knew we were looking for something we could not measure in any way: the “right tone”! This is explaining why the main development tool became our collection of vintage bass guitars, including all originals ’66 Precision bass, ’74 Jazz bass and ’77 Stingray bass: we knew exactly how those instruments were supposed to sound like: the expertise of our artists team did the rest, driving us through a painstaking process of listening sessions and samples evaluation, finally defining the perfect recipe.

That tone!

Generally speaking, the tone of all the Trespass Audio speakers is full, fat, rich but yet extremely transparent, with a lot of midrange bite and with a stunning overall articulation. We are so confident about the way they sound that we arranged the TONE WIZARD including the VINTAGE voice: it is exactly about our speakers standing by their own and being directly fed with the amplified signal, with no x-over and no tweeter involved. You’ll be surprised about how much improvement you’ll get swapping the speakers of your bass rig!