The Trespass Audio Speakers


The Trespass Audio concept has been conceived including – right from the start – the ambition of designing our own 10”, 12” and 15” bass guitar speaker units: definetely a challenging target which turned into a huge project in itself.

It has been possible to bring them to life working closely with the “Sica Loudspeaker” R&D team and being fully supported by them in our quest for the ultimate bass tone.


We started setting a very defined set of features – together with some measurable design goals – but we knew we were looking for something we could not measure in any way: the “right tone”! This is explaining why the main development tool became our collection of vintage bass guitars, including all originals ’66 Precision bass, ’74 Jazz bass and ’77 Stingray bass: we knew exactly how those instruments were supposed to sound like: the expertise of our artists team did the rest, driving us through a painstaking process of listening sessions and samples evaluation, finally defining the perfect recipe. The perfect speakers for all our cabinet design were finally there!
Trespass Audio bass guitar speakers are based on perfectly ventilated – compression free – basket and magnet designs. Each neodymium magnet circuit is featuring a 2,5” voice coil and a copper demodulation ring. All moving parts are Made in USA. Each model can handle 300 Watt AES/600 Watt Program power and is available separately, for any bass player looking for the ultimate tweak.
Generally speaking, the tone of the Trespass Audio speakers is full, fat, rich but yet extremely transparent, with a lot of midrange bite and with a stunning overall articulation.

High Frequency


The extreme arrangement of the TONE WIZARD technology within the FLEXY cabinet collection required an equally extreme quality of the high frequency transducer: electric bass is the most beautiful instrument of the world – we love it so much – and we wanted our cabinet being able to perfectly display both its fundamentals and the relative harmonic content! That’s why we selected the amazing SICA CD95.44/N240 POLY an astonishing 60 Watt AES/120 Watt Program power neo magnet 1.7” compression driver using a sweet sounding polyamide diaphragm and loaded with compact constant directivity horn.

Tone Wizard


The TONE WIZARD technology is a key feature of all Trespass Audio products: it offers the chance to select between multiple voicing and it has been conceived to provide to the bass player with a powerful tone tool, allowing to perfectly fit in any musical situation and any playing style. In its most extreme implementation – as available in the FLEXY cabinet connection – the TONE WIZARD is about 4 different selectable voicing and it is also involving a speaker “damping” circuitry which can be activated anytime by the end user.

Cabinet design


The wooden enclosure design is a key element to the cabinet’s tone. Clearly, the FLEXY collection’s main design goal was – again – about tone, not certainly being counted among those extreme lightweight cabinet you see these days. Never the less we wanted to arrange them being at least decently portable and that’s why we chose to go for a hybrid combination of Baltic birch/Lightweight plywood implemented with a well calibrated internal bracing structure, to avoid cabinet resonances. They have been also configured as a “Para-Onken” front firing enclosure. Such a configuration involves using high aspect ratio slot port. The main advantage is being less sensitive to driver’s dynamic changes of T&S parameters so – unlike a classic bass reflex enclosure – they are “more in tune”: this is giving back a more controlled bass response. Of course, the tuning frequency has been thoroughly selected for each model.